Custom-Built Digital Learning Platform Helps a US-Based Mortgage Lender Scale Up Employee Training with 75% Less Efforts
Client Introduction

A well-known mortgage lending institution in the US, offering simplified home loan options through conventional mortgages, refinance, FHA loans, and other services.

Problem Statement
  • Unscalable setup with limited training capacity for employees organized in batches. Limited provisions for training multiple batches in tandem.
  • The conventional “in-person” training approach demanded persistent efforts to repeat the sessions on an ongoing basis.
  • High dependence on training individuals with limited availability, efficiency, and agility to adapt to any changes or special requirements.
  • Outdated LMS, ineffective for upskilling geographically spread teams in a hybrid/remote work setup.
  • Lack of real-time responsiveness in adapting to any changes in the program guidelines and communication.
Solution Offered

Anaptyss deployed a proprietary, state-of-the-art Digital Learning Platform with highly gamified, content-rich e-learning modules, personalized interactivity, and other capabilities – a few of them a “first” in the domain.

The bespoke digital learning platform was designed by Anaptyss team to overlay the completely overhauled Learning Management System (LMS) 2.0, enabling large-scale commissioning of “training-as-a-service” across the client organization, user devices, and online/remote locations.

Developed in line with the Digital Knowledge Operations (DKO)™ framework, the e-learning platform offered cutting-edge features viz. interactive training modules, gamification, personalization, on-demand assessments and certifications, and more.

Key solution delivered:

  • Scenario-based learning video courses designed with hands-on domain expertise and digital solutions
  • E-learning Center of Excellence to build capability across the mortgage life cycle
  • Built-in gamified assessments and quizzes
  • Certifications to foster credibility, knowledge retention, and staff morale
  • Live progress reporting
  • Simplified UI designed for updating the training content based on the latest guidelines
  • Root cause analysis capability to improve performance based on skill gaps
Business Outcomes
  • 75% reduction in the overall efforts of the training personnel
  • 100% scalability to train and certify geographically dispersed employees
  • 24×7 availability and real-time responsiveness for adapting to changes
  • Adherence to CFPB, Dodd-Frank, and OFAC with enhanced domain expertise
  • Single source of truth for program guidelines and Customers’ Overlays with examples
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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