Digital Knowledge Management and E-learning ‘Center of Excellence’ for a US-Based Regional Community Bank
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Client Introduction

A prominent community bank in the US offering a wide range of services and financial solutions to consumers and commercial businesses.

Problem Statement
  • Lack of documented business process blueprints created dependencies on individual analysts who were the sole custodians and operators of critical processes and programs since the business’ inception.
  • The existing “paper-based” process documents were siloed and fragmented that had turned obsolete due to inadequate version control and information-archival system.
  • Lack of digitized information management hampered knowledge transfer and training, service operations, and strategic transactions such as M&As.
  • Posed risks such as loss of crucial process insights and operational know-how, capability gaps, regulatory infringements, and industry ineffectiveness.
Solutions Offered

Anaptyss leveraged its proprietary Digital Knowledge Operations™ (DKO) framework to commission a fully automated digital knowledge management and e-learning “Center of Excellence” for the bank.

The digitized ecosystem captured highly complex and error-prone procedures in a globally accessible, manageable, secure, up-to-date, 24×7 knowledge repository with integrated e-learning modules.

Key solution delivered

  • Certified domain specialists to liaise with analysts and gather in-depth insights into the operating procedures, program background, upstream/downstream activities, regulatory requirements, etc.
  • Advanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to record end-to-end operating procedures by capturing real-time screen activities and keystrokes, including mouse clicks.
  • Automated collation and repository of digitized business process blueprints with step-wise, up-to-date instructions and screenshots.
  • Developed high-quality content and e-learning modules comprising built-in assessment and gamification features using an inventive business domain, digital trainer, and designer-led approach. Leveraged the in-house LMS platform to enable deep system integration with a rich, seamless frontend experience.
Business Outcomes
  • 100% accurate, digitized, and updated knowledge repository
  • 1900+ digitized business process blueprints within five months using intelligent automation
  • Consistent documentation across individual processes, business units, and locations
  • Center of Excellence transforming manageability, agility, capability building, and audits compliance
  • Efficient and cost-effective training of organization-wide resources with interactive e-learning modules
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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